Office of Health Disparities Research

Addressing Health Disparities is Our Priority.

Community Advisory Boards

Community advisory boards are essential partners in research. Their input helps align research efforts to community priorities, streamlines research ideas to address disparities, and most importantly, helps support changes that will help communities achieve health equity.

Members of community advisory boards include representatives from community, research, governmental and academic organizations; as well as individuals who bring forward the perspectives, ideas and feedback of their fellow community members. 

Poster at 2014 Mayo Clinic Festival of Cultures: "Addressing Health Disparities: Research with, for and by Community Members"


Community-Engaged Research Community Advisory Board

This board in Olmsted County, Minnesota, advises the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS).  It includes representatives from a variety of agencies who advocate for the health of children, minorities, immigrants, and the underserved.


Arizona Community Research Advisory Board

Arizona community advisory boardStarted in 2014, the Arizona Community Advisory Board works to connect community members and organizations to vet research ideas and protocols and to build research capacity through education on the value of, and opportunities around, minority participation in clinical research.


Jacksonville Community Research Advisory Board

Jacksonville Community Research Advisory Board
With members from a widely diverse cross-section of the Jacksonville-area population, the Jacksonville, Florida Community Advisory Board helps ensure the cultural competence of research projects and identifies opportunities and methods for recruiting minorities into research studies.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Patient and family advisory councils provide input on Mayo Clinic's clinical services and research programs to help ensure they meet the needs of patients and communities.

One World Advisory Council on culturally competent care

Cardiovascular patient and family advisory council

Transplant Center patient and family advisory council

Center for Clinical and Translational Science councils and stakeholder groups

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