FAITH! Program

By Jay Furst Mobile apps are popular sources of fast and easily digested consumer health information. But can they actually help in measurable ways to[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • April 29, 2019

What if a team of researchers came into your neighborhood to develop healthy living programs — tailored just for you? Mayo Clinic is collaborating with[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • April 12, 2019

A number of current and developing Mayo Clinic community-based, participatory health disparities research projects received a big boost in November, when two dozen PI’s, research[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • December 6, 2016

A spate of Mayo Clinic articles, events and activities have recently featured, or soon will be featuring, OHDR or health disparities in research and practice:[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • March 6, 2015