In October 2017, the Mayo Clinic Office of Health Disparities Research's Native American Research Outreach (NARO) program hosted a conference entitled “A Path toward Better Health among[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • March 9, 2018

While it is known that Alzheimer’s is a disease of aging, there are other factors that increase our risk for this condition. As the prevalence of[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • February 19, 2018 Richard White, M.D., Community Internal Medicine, wants to improve the odds for inner-city adolescents in Jacksonville, Florida, to live long and healthy lives.[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • March 23, 2016

LaPrincess Brewer, M.D., M.P.H., an advanced cardiovascular disease fellow within the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic, was recently named the Dr. Jay Brown[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • May 6, 2015

The Mayo Clinic Office of Health Disparities Research (OHDR) is pleased to announce funding awards for five pilot projects in 2015 that will target health[...]

By Sumedha G. Penheiter • December 11, 2014