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May 13, 2016

Melinda Henry

By OHDR Admin

Melinda Henry

Melinda Henry

Member, Jacksonville Community Research Advisory Board

Melinda "Fitness Lady" Henry, C.P.T., is currently executive director of DEEN Wellness, a chronic disease prevention and education program. She also co-founded and managed her family's fitness center (ABz-Solute Fitness) in the Gateway area of Jacksonville, as well as Produce Palace in a similar demographic area of North Philadelphia. As a senior athlete, Henry was a gold medalist in both the 100-meter and powerlifting in 2009–2011 for Jacksonville and the State of Florida. Henry says she enjoys a holistic approach to life, love and living through the spirit of God, motivating and encouraging others, cooking and eating healthy meals, exercising, traveling and reading. She aspires to bridge her entrepreneurial experiences and motto "eat right, exercise and spirituality = quality & longevity" into one self-sustainable, multigenerational facility.

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