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March 6, 2015

OHDR and Health Disparities Featured Enterprise-Wide

By Sumedha G. Penheiter

A spate of Mayo Clinic articles, events and activities have recently featured, or soon will be featuring, OHDR or health disparities in research and practice:

  •  In his annual Arizona All-Staff Address, Mayo Clinic CEO John Noseworthy, M.D. highlighted Mayo Clinic’s 22 Partnerships with local communities that address health needs. He also discussed Mayo Clinic’s overall investment of $384,000 in community-based research efforts to explore the causes of health disparities and advance solutions for greater community health.
  • Inside Mayo Clinic Research recently provided an enterprise-wide introduction to the Office of Health Disparities, with an article featuring a video, involving many members of the Mayo Health Disparities Research community, that provides an overview of OHDR’s mission and research resources.
  • Floyd Willis, who pioneered a program where residents volunteer weekly via the We Care Jacksonville network, was recently featured in a "This Week at Mayo Clinic" Article on Florida GI Fellows’ Community Outreach involvement. His efforts were used as an illustration of Mayo Clinic’s longstanding commitment to Community Outreach.
  • On March 6, OHDR Researcher Sean Phelan, Ph.D. gave the CCaTS (Center for Clinical and Translational Science) Grand Rounds Presentation. His talk was entitled Organizational Diversity Climate, Stigma, and the Well-being of Employees, Trainees, and Patients.
  • On March 16, John Knudsen, M.D., medical director for the Clinical Practice Office of Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI), will discuss health disparities and the key role quality teams can play in revealing and addressing disparities at the Mayo Clinic 2015 Quality Conference. His presentation will be The Illusion of Equality: Data Driving Discovery.
  • CCaTS Grand Rounds will again be the forum for a health disparities research discussion on March 27, when Dr. Gloria Petersen will provide a brief overview of OHDR, its programs and resources, and will then introduce Michelle van Ryn, Ph.D. who will speak on Medical School Factors Associated with Change in Implicit Racial Bias Between 1st and 4th Year Among 3547 Medical Students: A Report from the Medical Student CHANGES Study.
  • LaPrincess Brewer, M.D. has been invited to present on the FAITH! Program (Fostering African American Improvement in Total Health) at the Association of Black Cardiologists Cardiology Fellows Program during the March 13th American College of Cardiology meeting in San Diego, CA.

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