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September 19, 2014

Native American Research Outreach

By OHDR Admin

NARONative American Research Outreach

The mission of Native American Research Outreach (NARO) is to use Mayo Clinic’s research and clinical experience to address the Upper Midwestern region’s tribal and urban Indian health priorities to improve health and well-being. To achieve this, NARO builds collaborative, mutually beneficial research and education relationships among tribal and urban Indian health leaders, Native research organizations, and Mayo Clinic investigators and educators. Native American Research Outreach (NARO) Brochure (Ojibwe Imagery) and Native American Research Outreach (NARO) Brochure (Dakota-Lakota Imagery).

To fulfill this mission, NARO is seeking nonbinding, nonexclusive partnerships between all of the region’s Native communities and the Mayo Clinic Office Health Disparities Research. The Office of Health Disparities Research through NARO has signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with multiple tribes, Native health organizations and Native research entities.

Collaborative health disparities research activities

Facilitated by NARO: Ongoing American Cancer Society project to identify theoretical health mediators that differentiate mammographic screening participation of adherent and non-adherent women.

Sponsored by NARO: Mayo Clinic Native American Interest Group. This monthly research presentation series is attended in person or by phone by a national audience that includes the Indian Health Service and the Veterans Administration.

Upcoming Native American Interest Group presentations

June 2016
Darin Prescott, DNP, MSN, MBA, RN
Time and date to be announced

Prescott is the director of Community Health & Social Services and clinic CEO of the Lower Sioux Indian Community. Mr. Prescott will speak about health issues and initiatives of the tribe, including the  recently opened Lower Sioux Health Care Center.

This presentation will be streamed live at

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